Sunday Afternoon in Zandvoort

A Beautiful day

It’s a Sunday and we woke up around 10 am. We had a fabulous few days with a visiting friend and we stayed pretty late in the previous days so we really enjoyed a long and satisfying sleep. When we woke up we quickly cleaned up, ate some food and then we went with Bogi to a park called Kostverlorenpark.

This park is amazing. It is actually just sand dunes all over with grass bushes and trees. It is nothing I have seen so far. All along the dirt ways, there are rabbit holes that make this place even more like a fairytale forest. The trees are so unique, it is almost like they come to life in the middle of the night and they roam the dunes.

We enjoyed our walk very much we were almost completely alone in the park, we only met a few others who also had a walk with their dog. As we walked on these small trails between the dunes and shrubby we noticed tiny concrete buildings hiding behind vegetation. We assume that these are here since the first or second world war and were used as military edifices. (We tried to look it up on Google, but only found Dutch sites.)

As we walked further into this seaside jungle, we saw little houses, most likely these were these concrete bunkers once, but now seem to function as either living houses for some, but rather vacation houses or weekend houses. We haven’t seen anybody but the houses had tiny gardens around them with benches, one even had a mini grill in the garden and flower pots. These tiny bunker-houses in between the dunes made me feel like I was in Hobbiton. I have never ever seen anything like it before. It was very interesting. 

After we walked a little bit around these tiny houses we decided to end our walk and we headed home. We walked through town and looked at the neat and pretty living houses dreaming of owning one someday.

When we arrived at the center of Zandvoort we decided to go for some fries with mayo to go. Hmmm. Unfortunately, they are very very awesome at making fries here, so it is very hard to resist a little Sunday snack! 

We are back at home and Bogi had his snack in bed, and we are enjoying the rest of this last day before we have to work tomorrow. I wish everyone a calm and nice Sunday evening!

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