The Beginning



A new beginning

This post will be different from the other ones I have published. This time I am not going to share a nice memory of a journey to a great, amazing place, but I will take you to my core. Here and now.  Philipp and I have been living together in a wonderful apartment with our lovely dog in Budapest. This place is our first home. We love to live here, it is everything we could ever ask for. Not only is it beautiful and comfortable and for a good price but we have a lovely landlord as well. We had a good life here in the past two years with ups and downs, friends and family, dinners and lunches, game nights, a Halloween party, a Super Bowl party, New Year’s Eve party etc… So many wonderful and unique memories…


A few days ago we got the news, Phil got a huge opportunity in Amsterdam. A new chapter in his life, in our life, is about to begin. When he told me I was scared, terrified. This is really happening. Of course, we were talking about “abroad”. Living and working in a foreign country, with new adventures. Well, we wished for it and now the Universe responded. Right here right now, with having such a limited time to say goodbye and to arrange everything for this new beginning is challenging. In one moment I am excited and happy and the other moment I am sad and I am afraid to let go of all the wonderful things that happened to us here. I am sad to leave my home.

As time is passing and the hour of our journey is getting closer,  I am in peace. I am ready to leave and try something new, meet new people, go to new places, try new things.  I am happy for this experience and I can’t wait to be there by now.

Thank you, Philipp for helping me going through the hard phase of this!:)

I am lucky for all the people who surrounded us in these 2 super awesome years. All of our friends and family, all the good times we spent here, the laughers and tears. It is time to go and it is time to leave some objects behind, but not you. I hope many of you will have the chance to come to the Netherlands and be up for grabbing a beer when we come back to visit. Thank you for being our home guys!


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